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Gavel, a German Shepherd from Queensland, Australia, came from a proud pedigree of police puppers and was destined to also join the force. To become a furry officer of the law, you need discipline, bravery and when the situation calls for it, you need to be tough on criminals. In Gavel’s case, the police trainers found he was just too friendly to be taking down bad guys.

Capybara’s are the largest rodent known to man. They resemble a massive, furry chicken nugget with a face – it’s no wonder human’s like to keep them as pets. JoeJoe, a capy living in Las Vegas, fits the description to a T.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund skyrocketed to Internet fame after his owners, Ryan Beauchesne and Lauren Dionne, created a wildly popular Dog Blog written in Crusoe’s voice. Named after Robinson Crusoe, he’s got an affinity for the unknown, chasing down squirrels through uncharted territories and going on nationwide book tours. Happy Canadian #Thanksgiving !!

She’s a Hurricane Isaac survivor and about as adorable as they come, Jill the Squirrel is one Instagram account you should be following (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel). She fell out of her nest during the 2012 hurricane in Louisiana, and was rescued for a ‘temporary’ stay inside of her current owners home. Jill quickly captured the hearts of her future furever family and now lives the high life as a kept squirrel-lady.

Coby the Cat joined Instagram in June, 2015, already has over a million followers and is prettier than you. Rebecca Schefkind originally started his social media as a joke but after 150k followers, offers for sponsored posts and free cat food – she began to take it more seriously. Coby is a British Shorthair with piercing blue eyes, perfectly winged cat eyeliner and a fluffy white coat.

In this week’s Popular Pets, we take a look at none other than Brooklyn’s finest, Samson the Golden Doodle. This young pup is the hottest thing to hit New York since July 2016’s heatwave. He’s a handsome, curly headed poodle mix who loves vacations and Yappyhour with his doggie pals.

The title of prettiest pussy on the internet is awarded to Smoothie the Cat. The British Longhair has bright green peepers and a purrfectly groomed lion-like mane. Her owner, Arvid van Boeker, is from the Netherlands and looooves taking pics of his prized kittycat.

Luna, a pomeranian, and Sebastian, a French bulldog are the definition of #relationshipgoals. Engaged since June 2016, they’re both three years old and live together in Washington, D.C. They share an Instagram account with over 70,000 followers, where you can check out their stylish outfits, fun cosplay and the cute dates they go on.

Yeah there are a ton of Hypebeasts on Instagram to follow, but few are quite as cute or furry as Zappa the Cat. Just over two years old and hailing from the fashion-forward city of Rotterdam, she’s pushing almost 40,000 followers thanks to her slick style. Always looking good in her all-white coat, it also doubles as a perfect canvas for her wardrobe stacked with the hottest streetwear brands out there.

These little piggies went all the way to the market of Instagram fame. Priscilla and Poppleton are two mini pigs with over 600k IG followers, and they’re tearing up the #minipig hashtags with some seriously adorable, cloven hooves. In classic Floridian style, the pigs wear some wonderfully drag-esque outfits with over-the-top wigs and liberal amounts of tulle.