Dogs are taking over the world! Okay, maybe not the whole world, but they are definitely making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. You’ve probably seen pictures of famous dogs on social media with millions of followers, and now some of them are getting movie deals and even book deals. It seems like anything a dog does is adorable and worth following, and we can’t get enough of their antics.


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DC League of Super-Pets: Meet the celebrity cast’s pets!

The new animated superhero film DC League of Super-Pets features animal superheroes that are pets of iconic superheroes from DC Comics, with some of your favourite celebs as their voices. And many of the actors and comedians that lent their voices to this movie, also happen to have pets of their own. Let’s take a look at 15 cast members who have pets, for a total of 24 pets!

Meet Magnus, The Therapy Dog Who’s Bringing Joy To The Terminally Ill

Meet Magnus The Therapy Dog! He’s been bringing joy to terminally ill patients for years. His owner, Brian Benson, has started an online account for “virtual” therapy to help people smile and cope with the pandemic.

“Blessing of The Animals” celebration returns to New York City church

Now in its 32nd year, the Saint John the Divine Cathedral in Manhattan celebrated the Feast of St. Francis, which includes the beloved “Blessing of The Animals”. Image via St.

Neighborhood Dogs Find Their Human and Visit for Daily Nap Times

Lon Watson has loved dogs his whole life and he works with a local shelter, Pound on the Hill, so that all animals get help when they need it most. Apparently his dog time isn’t only at the shelter. Lon also takes the time to greet and play with all the neighbors dogs as well. “

Dog Named Stella, The Queen of Leaves, Shows Us How To Be Thankful (Video)

Self dubbed Stella, Queen of Leaves, this English Lab loves nothing more than jumping into a pile of fall leaves. She’s ready for the fall season and all that it entails–especially Thanksgiving. As we get ready to celebrate this holiday, Stella is a role model for all of us.

Tiny Paningning the Shih Tzu is a big MOOD

Paningning @therealpaningning is a Shih Tzu from the Philippines that went viral for doing nothing at all and inspiring us all in the process. You ever have one of those days where you just want to drop everything you’re doing and just lie down on the floor? Image via @therealpaningning Well lil’ Paninging turned that mood into an profession.

Meet Reas the Whippet, America’s fastest dog!

After coming in first last year, Reas the Whippet successfully defended his title after winning the Fast CAT competition at the 2022 Fastest Dogs USA. And Reas wasn’t born and star and actually started from the bottom. He was the last puppy to find a human after his four siblings four years ago.

Doug The Pug Releasing a Picture Book “Doug the Pug and the Kindness Crew”

The world is about to get a little bit brighter this October 18, 2022 with a special release by Doug The Pug. He’s releasing his next eBook titled “Doug the Pug and the Kindness Crew”. This isn’t the first release by the popular pup.

Haiku The Husky a Singing Dog Performing Microphone Woos Near You

Some Huskies just love to sing their woo woos! Take Haiku, for example. This Husky is a true microphone assassin.

Katie Couric’s new show interviews celebs about their rescue pet adoptions

Katie Couric is one of the most iconic people in news media, covering an incredible range of important news stories and interviewing some of the most important people of our time for over 40 years. Now a media mogul, she’s decided to focus some of her journalistic energy on her love of dogs. She just premiered Unleashed, a digital series where she interviews celebrities and their rescue dogs to learn about them and hear their adoption story.