Dogs are taking over the world! Okay, maybe not the whole world, but they are definitely making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. You’ve probably seen pictures of famous dogs on social media with millions of followers, and now some of them are getting movie deals and even book deals. It seems like anything a dog does is adorable and worth following, and we can’t get enough of their antics.


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Interview With Madi the Chi and Serena of the Stadler Fam – Focusing On Mental Health, Fashion, and Fun!

We had a lovely chat with Madi the Chi, a 13-years-young Chihuahua influencer, and her mom, Serena, on topics ranging from the mental health benefits of fur babies to her signature smile, looking stylish in the snow, becoming a big sister, keeping it spicy, and more. Celebrity Pets: Thanks for joining us Madi and Serena. Serena, can you start our readers off with the story of how Madi became your fur baby?

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey Mourn the Loss of Their First (And Most Special) Rescue Dog

King, an elderly Chihuahua, was their first adoption as a couple - With both posting heartfelt dedications on Instagram.

Kevin Costner Reveals New Labrador Puppy ‘I’m Already in Love With This Special Guy’

Dog lover and Hollywood legend Kevin Costner, rarely posts anything personal - But made an exception for a new pup added to his pack!

A Man Found Two Stray Puppies On a Highway – And They’ve Been on a Road Trip Ever Since!

After finding two stray puppies on a road trip, Jordan Kahana quit his job and started a forever road trip with them!

Millie Bobby Brown is Fostering a French Bulldog Named Jabba

The Humane Society Naples has revealed that Millie Bobby Brown is fostering a Frenchie who she named Jabba. While she’s only turning 20 later this month, she’s been known for over a decade for her intense performance as Eleven on Stranger Things – And for her dedication to animal advocacy and pet adoption. Credit: Humane Society Naples/Joey’s Friends Jabba,formerly named Shark, was with The Human Society Naples, before being passed on to Millie and her BF Jake Bongiovi.

Political Pup Dynasty: A Town in California Elected a Dog as Its Mayor for a Third Time

Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller III is the current mayor of Idyllwild, California, making him the third in a succession of Golden Retriever mayors since 2012.

You Can Finally Buy Samurai Armor for Your Cats and Dogs

Does your pet wish they were part of an elite military class that ruled over feudal Japan? Now they can live out that fantasy thanks to Samurai Age!

Enjoy a Relaxing ASMR Spa Day With Little Manyu the Shiba Inu

Little Manyu's relaxing videos and soothing sounds are sure to chill you out (and make you a lil' jealous)

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Mourn the Loss of Fang, Their 15-Year-Old Husky

This sad news comes six months after they adopted a rescue pup named Lucco.

Meet Rover, the Chief Dog Officer for Royal Caribbean’s New Cruise Ship

Rover is only six months old, but the Golden Retriever pup is already a C-level executive!