Dogs are taking over the world! Okay, maybe not the whole world, but they are definitely making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. You’ve probably seen pictures of famous dogs on social media with millions of followers, and now some of them are getting movie deals and even book deals. It seems like anything a dog does is adorable and worth following, and we can’t get enough of their antics.


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A Tiny Lamb Finds Motivation to Live With The Help of an Aussie Shepherd

Maddison, Maddie for short, is a little lamb born on a farm in Canada earlier this year. The timing of her birth was meant to coincide with the upcoming Easter market and she was supposed to be just a couple months old which means she would be big, but not too big. Credit: BLACK GOAT FARM AND SANCTUARY But things didn’t work out.

Cranky and Polina, a Couple Sphinx Cats that Living Their Best Not-So-Cranky Lives

Meet Cranky and Polina, a couple Sphynx cats that are living their best life in the most feisty way possible. Anyone who’s spent time with these lovable creatures will know it’s all just a façade and they are actually quite friendly on the inside. But don’t let that fool you, Cranky has no time stuffed animals stealing attention away, and no he’s not angry – he knows how to chill when it suits him.

The Three Most Famous Dog Heroes of World War II

There are more canine heroes than we can count who have helped humans in times of war. We’re going to share the stories of three war dogs that are considered among the most accomplished dogs of World War II.

Dexter Dog Ouray Overcame Being Hit By a Car and Losing a Leg

When Dexter Dog Ouray was hit by a car and his front leg, his family never imagined he’d become an internet sensation. But that’s exactly what happened. What started as a tragedy is now an amazing story of triumph.

Ouka The Fluffy Flying Dog, A World Traveler Takes Flight Over France

Ouka the Fluffy Flying Dog is a world traveler who takes flight over France with his human, Shams. Ouka is no ordinary dog- he loves being in the air and has no fear of heights! This brave Samoyed has his own page on social media where hundreds of thousands of fans come to check in on him and encourage his adventures.

Anne and Ginger Biscuit, The Kitten Who Found a Friend in a Dog

Anne and Ginger Biscuit have been through a lot together. The two of them were both brought to Greenside Animal Hospital as strays, and they were both very sick. Anne was covered in fleas and ticks, and she was very weak.

Queer Eye Stars Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski launch Yummers pet food, raise $6 million

Queer Eye Stars Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski raised $6 million for their new pet food brand Yummers.

Bulldog with arthritis gets tiny bus lift to help use stairs

Aase is a handsome lil’ bulldog that lives in Denmark with his human, Pia Hjelmsø. Aase has arthritis, which made his daily commute up and down the stairs increasingly difficult. But thanks to his kind human, he gets to conveniently commute in style!

Puppy Hides Under a Chair for 3 Weeks Before Someone Noticed Him

Robbie was finally rescued after spending weeks waiting by the door of a busy Dollar General in Houston, Texas. All alone, the little brown pup took refuge under a plastic chair and watched customers go in and out, hopeful that someone might notice him. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kristin Erwin (@kristin_erwin) Kristin Erwin, who often assists with dog rescues, spotted Robbie running around a nearby parking lot as she was driving by.

A tribute to Eclipse – Seattle’s bus-riding dog

Eclipse, Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog was one lovely and smart doggo that brought joy to her community and the world. And she didn’t have to save a boy stuck in a well or any other heroic feat to do this. It was something much more simple to us humans, but still incredibly inspiring – She would regularly take a city bus, all by herself, to visit her favourite dog park.