Dogs are taking over the world! Okay, maybe not the whole world, but they are definitely making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. You’ve probably seen pictures of famous dogs on social media with millions of followers, and now some of them are getting movie deals and even book deals. It seems like anything a dog does is adorable and worth following, and we can’t get enough of their antics.


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The Painting of Looty: A Tribute to Queen Victoria’s Beloved Companion

Queen Victoria’s beloved Pekingese dog, Looty, was more than just a pet – he was her dearest companion. To honor the memory of their special bond, she commissioned an exquisite painting that still stands as one of the Royal Collection’s most prized possessions today! Over one hundred and sixty years later, the painting stands as a serene reminder of time well spent together and loyalty beyond measure.

Hong Snow the ASMR Mukbang Pomeranian is a Cute Little Foodie with a Big Appetite

Hong Snow, also known as Hong Seol, is a tiny snowball in Korea that gets millions of views for eating lavish dog-friendly meals.

No One Shreds Harder Than Nord Boss the French Bulldog

Meet Nord Boss, the popular skateboarding, snowboarding, mega cool rocker French Bulldog who is living his best life, one skate park at a time. When he’s not shredding on the slopes or grinding down rails, you can find him working in the studio with PRANA, an alternative rock band. Currently on tour with PRANA, he was recently stopped taking a break from a hard days work on the slopes with his mom Natasha Varlamova.

Izzy the Frenchie – Fashion Icon, Jewelry Designer, and Author

With an eye for fashion and a sassy attitude, Izzy quickly grew from a fashion blogger to a published author and now a jewelry designer.

Fifi Little Darling is a Jet-Setting Dachshund Spreading Joy Around the World!

Fifi Little Darling is a certified therapy Dachshund from South Carolina. She not only brings joy to her humans, but to everyone she meets as she travels the world. She went viral in December for the video below that shares her business class trip from Hong Kong to Paris.

Oscars 2023: Meet the Nominees’ Celebrity Pets!

As we wait to see who takes home a golden statue, let's take a look at what cute pets they have at home.

Ginger The Pibble Once Separated from Her Puppies Now Adopts to Foster Kittens

Ginger The Pibble has a big heart and loves being a mom, even when the babies aren’t her own! After her puppies were adopted, she began helping lost kittens find new homes. Sometimes the kittens show up lost, vulnerable, and in need of comfort.

Artist meetissai417 Turns Viral Animal Photos into Cute Sculptures

An artist in Japan with the Instagram name @meetissai417 makes epoxy putty sculptures based on funny viral animal photos you're sure to recognize.

Scruff the Eco-Dog has Recycled Over 1000 Bottles and Counting

Tired of seeing plastic bottles everywhere during his walks, Scruff decided to take matters into his own paws.

Dog Cafe Shuts Down, Owner Takes All 17 Huskies Home With Her

After her lease ended, this woman's dog cafe got shut down. So she took her whole furry staff home with her!