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White Dog (Dog)

Last seen in 1993, Vincent Gallo once had a white dog. He later wrote a song about his beloved companion.

Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo Pets


April 11, 1961 (62)

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Vincent Gallo is a multifaceted American artist, prominently recognized for his compelling roles in films like “Buffalo ’66” and “The Brown Bunny,” as well as for his remarkable contributions as a director, musician, and painter.

Gallo’s portfolio is an impressive fusion of distinct roles and creative endeavors. His directional debut, “Buffalo ’66,” is not only an iconic independent film, but also a project where he left an indelible mark as an actor. Gallo’s role as Billy Brown, a recently released convict seeking redemption, was both moving and memorable. Further establishing his versatility, Gallo also composed the score for this film. His second directorial venture, “The Brown Bunny,” stirred up considerable controversy, while also solidifying Gallo’s reputation for breaking norms. Away from the silver screen, Gallo has made equally notable strides in the music world, producing several albums, such as “When” and “Recordings of Music for Film.”

Throughout his career, Gallo has collaborated with a variety of distinguished artists and celebrities. In the world of cinema, his work with actress Christina Ricci in “Buffalo ’66” resulted in a compelling on-screen dynamic that has been lauded by critics. Similarly, his controversial scene with Chloë Sevigny in “The Brown Bunny” remains one of the most talked-about in independent film history. In music, Gallo’s albums feature collaborations with talents such as Jim O’Rourke and Sean Lennon. His ventures into fashion have seen him work with esteemed designers like Calvin Klein and H&M. His visual arts career, which began in the 1970s in New York City, has him collaborating with esteemed artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Futura 2000. Gallo also worked with renowned director Francis Ford Coppola in the film “Tetro,” where he played the lead role.

Gallo’s artistic and creative pursuits have earned him a range of prestigious recognitions. His directorial debut, “Buffalo ’66,” won the esteemed Best First Feature award at the 1998 Stockholm Film Festival. His role in “Essential Killing” earned him the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the 67th Venice International Film Festival in 2010. He also won the Special Prize of the Young Cinema competition at the Locarno International Film Festival for “The Agent.”