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Benji (Dog)

Breed: Blue Merle Aussie | Adopted Apr 2020

Lexi Hensler has a dog named Benji, his breed is Blue Merle Aussie, and he has a wiggle butt. She got Benji in April 2020.

My baby boy is 1 today! how perfect that the most loving dog I’ve ever met was born on Valentine’s Day! I was going through such a rough time and I finally decided to bring a dog into my life and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Benji, you have been one of the most challenging puppies, but nothing has ever made me happier than you! You’re my adventure buddy and best friend, I love you! Happy birthday baby boy

@wigglebuttbenji, Instagram, February 2021

Lexi Hensler

Lexi Hensler Pets


December 5, 1997 (26)

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Lexi Hensler is an American social media influencer, actress, director, and content creator. Hensler’s notable acting and directorial roles include her participation in Craziest Vacation Ever (2020), Amp World (2020), and Date Takeover (2019), which have established her as a significant contributor to the entertainment industry​​.

Well-versed in the art of content creation and social media engagement, Hensler began her journey on YouTube where she posted a variety of content ranging from vlogs to fun challenges with her friends. Over the years, she has amassed more than 2.8 million subscribers on this platform. Additionally, Hensler has a significant presence on TikTok with 7.3 million followers. Her work in the social media sphere has extended to appearances on Bestie Picks Bae and Awesomeness TV productions like VS and High School Trivia​.

As a result of her widespread popularity and engaging content, Hensler has attracted collaborations with a number of well-known brands and fellow influencers. Her collaborations extend to brands such as BetterHelp, Skillshare, and Kia, where she has created unique content to promote their services and products. This has led to Hensler becoming a sought-after influencer for brands seeking effective promotion and advertising on social media platforms​​.

Hensler’s contributions are not only limited to the entertainment industry and brand partnerships, but she has also made a mark through her mental health advocacy. She launched Hugz, a brand devoted to promoting mental health and wellness, with its first product being weighted stuffed animals that simulate the feeling of being hugged. This initiative was born from Hensler’s personal experiences with depression and anxiety, as well as the positive feedback from fans about the therapeutic impact of these products. As part of her commitment to normalizing conversations around mental health, a portion of Hensler’s proceeds from Hugz goes towards mental health charities​