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Leia (Dog)

Laura Brehm has a dog named Leia that gave birth to 8 puppies back in 2020. Laura shared the 2 year anniversary with her fans on Instagram[1].

Laura Brehm

Laura Brehm Pets


August 15, 1990 (33)

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Laura Brehm is an American singer and songwriter known for her work in the electronic music genre. She first appeared on Monstercat with the song “Waking Dreams” by TwoThirds, released on May 14, 2012. Brehm’s career is marked by her collaborations with various artists in the electronic music scene. She has worked with Monstercat artists such as Rogue, Feint, Varien, Ephixa, and Draper. Additionally, Brehm has collaborated with producer TheFatRat and is recognized for her live performance videos on her YouTube channel. In November 2016, she established her own label, Electric Bird Records, to support indie artists in the electronic-folk genre.