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Kostja Ullmann does not have any reported pets.

Kostja Ullmann

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May 30, 1984 (40)

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Kostja Ullmann is a German actor known primarily for his roles in the films “Sommersturm” and “Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück” and his work in the television series “KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst.”

Ullmann’s career began with roles in television series such as “Alphateam – Die Lebensretter im OP” and “Zwei Männer am Herd.” He gained recognition with his role in the 2004 film “Sommersturm,” where he portrayed Tobi. This film led to further prominent roles. In 2010, Ullmann starred in “Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück,” a commercial success. He also played a leading role in the series “KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst.”

Throughout his career, Ullmann has collaborated with numerous influential actors. He worked with Robert Stadlober in “Sommersturm.” In “Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück,” he starred alongside Anna Fischer. His collaboration with Jürgen Vogel in “Mein Freund aus Faro” demonstrated his ability to work with established actors. In “KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst,” he shared the screen with Götz Schubert. Ullmann worked with Karoline Herfurth in “The Reader” and Anna Maria Mühe in “Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe.” He collaborated with Nora Tschirner in “Maria, ihm schmeckt’s nicht!” and Elyas M’Barek in “Heiter bis Wolkig.”