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September 6, 1991 (32)

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Do Kwon is a South Korean entrepreneur and software engineer, best known as the co-founder and CEO of Terraform Labs. He gained prominence in the cryptocurrency industry through the development of the Terra blockchain platform and its associated cryptocurrencies, TerraUSD (UST) and Luna. Kwon’s career has been marked by both significant achievements in blockchain technology and controversies, particularly surrounding the collapse of UST and Luna in 2022.

Kwon’s professional journey in the tech industry began after graduating from Stanford University. He initially worked in software engineering roles at companies like Apple and Microsoft. His entrepreneurial spirit led him back to South Korea, where he ventured into the startup ecosystem. In 2018, Kwon co-founded Terraform Labs, aiming to revolutionize the digital currency space. The company’s flagship products, TerraUSD and Luna, were designed to provide stability and utility in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Kwon’s collaborations in the tech industry have been pivotal. He worked closely with Daniel Shin, a fellow entrepreneur, to establish Terraform Labs. Under their leadership, the company developed innovative blockchain solutions, attracting attention from investors and users worldwide. Kwon also engaged with various partners and developers in the broader blockchain community to expand the utility and adoption of Terra’s products.

Despite his early successes, Kwon’s career faced significant challenges following the dramatic collapse of TerraUSD and Luna. The event triggered widespread market disruptions and financial losses, leading to intense scrutiny from regulatory bodies and the crypto community. Kwon has since been involved in legal proceedings and investigations related to the collapse, highlighting the complex and often risky nature of the cryptocurrency industry.