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January 9, 1973 (51)

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Angela Bettis is an American actress and film producer known for her roles in horror films, including her portrayal of Carrie White in the television film “Carrie” (2002) and May Dove Canady in “May” (2002). Beyond her acting roles, she has also produced several film projects.

Bettis’s filmography includes significant roles in independent and horror films. Her performance in “May” earned acclaim and solidified her position in horror cinema. She reprised a horror role in “The Woman” (2011), contributing to the film’s reception as a noteworthy horror feature. On television, she has appeared in “Dexter” and “Criminal Minds,” exploring various psychological and thriller themes. Her voice acting includes participation in the animated series “Masters of Horror.”

Her career is marked by collaborations with key figures in the horror genre. She has frequently worked with director Lucky McKee, appearing in his films “May,” “The Woman,” and the “Masters of Horror” episode “Sick Girl.” Her interactions with co-stars such as Anna Faris in “May” and Sean Bridgers in “The Woman” have been pivotal. Additionally, her appearance alongside Jennifer Carpenter in “Dexter” further highlights her extensive collaborative work within the industry.