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Pablo Escobar's Pets

How Many Pets Does Pablo Escobar's Have


Private Exotic Animal Zoo at Hacienda Napoles

Exotic Animal Zoo
Pet Worth: $43.1 Million

Notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar had a private zoo of exotic animals on his estate named Hacienda Napoles. It included a variety of exotic birds, elephants, rhinos, antelopes, giraffes, ostriches, ponies and more. It would be worth $43 million dollars if it was still around today.

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar, born December 1, 1949, is considered the most famous and wealthiest criminal in history. Trafficking cocaine with his Medellin Cartel in Columbia, he amassed an estimated fortune of $30 billion by the early 90s (Worth about $55 billion in 2016). Born December 1, 1949 in Colombia, he was shot dead by police on December 2, 1993.