Popular Pets

These are the world’s most popular pets. They have an incredible follower count and more fans than most modern day celebrities. Take a look at their accounts and you’ll see why.

There’s nothing quite like working from home with a cute furry friend by your side. But as anyone who has ever tried to work from home with a dog knows, they can be quite distracting. Case in point: Dash the Corgi from @dash_and_furrious.

If you get a daily dose of pet therapy like us, you will have seen Boomer The Landcloud. It’s not the 3.2 million followers that makes him popular. It’s the fact that he’s been re-shared by just about every pet channel for the last couple years.

If you are one of the half a million people that follow @orangeisthenewblackandtan, you’ll have met the star of the channel, Phineas, Phin, or simply the “Wobbly Kitty”. Phin joins the roster of other amazing pets with like Fenix Lumiere the prancing dog and Josh the Doodle of the Be Like Josh Foundation. These pets do more than just look cute on social media.

Our pets never cease to surprise us with their antics, clever ways of doing things, and emotional intelligence. Lassie may have saved Timmy from the well for television, but that’s not far fetched from some real life situations. Pets do amazing things for their humans.

There are many ways to communicate in this world but none translate quite like a genuine wide eyed smile. We’re not talking about that half “smile-til-you-love-it” type of smile. It’s that sweet bona fide “I’m having a good time” kind of smile that radiates in a room.

Sam is a famous cat model out of New York, but he wasn’t always a celebrity. In March 2012, his parents found him hanging around their neighborhood looking kind of lost. The soon-to-be famous kitty would later be swept up in a whirlwind of fans as he became known as the “cat with eyebrows”.

Tika the Iggy has a couple very dedicated dog dads. The Montreal pooch reportedly has over 200 “catwalk ready” outfits (we suspect many more), each more impressive than the next. It’s only a matter of time before she has her first show.

It’s been a little over a year since Chase, Skye, and Millie had their spa day. What started as an innocent day off has turned into a viral storm of followers for the now popular content creators. The three furballs (and parents) have been busy since then keeping their millions of fans updated on their antics.

Anyone with a Husky cross or a dog with a sharp nose and pointy ears will know what it’s like at a dog park – “Is that a wolf!?”. Usually never in a bad way. People are curious.

Some have style, some have class, but it takes a special person dog to have both. For any of you that haven’t seen the “Pooch of NYC”, Agador, head over to his Instagram ASAP and enjoy your daily dose of pet therapy. This is one stylin’ pooch and he might have more outfits than any other dog we’ve reviewed.