Only fur, and sometimes scales. It’s no secret that pets are becoming increasingly popular. In recent years, they have gained millions of followers, appeared in movies and fashion events, and even written best-selling books. It’s not hard to see why. They always look their best, they’re never late for appointments, and they always know just what to say to make us feel better.

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Interview With Doxie Din and Puppy Jay: Award-Winning Dachshund Actors and Their Epic Videos

Go behind the scenes and get to know A-list canine actors Doxie Din and Puppy Jay in our exclusive interview!

Cheems Balltze, the Shiba Inu and Viral Meme Doge, Passed Away During Surgery

Cheems was an adopted Shiba Inu and one of the most well-known viral "doge" memes of all time. He sadly passed away during surgery after a battle with cancer.

Loki the Raven May Look Like a Tough Guy, but He’s Really a Love Bird

Loki the rescued Raven looks like a big badass crow, but on the inside, he's really a love bird!

Tiny and Tenacious: The Life of Cricket the Gremlin, a Grumpy but Charming Chihuahua

Just don't talk to her till after she's had her puppuccino!

Iggy Joey: Started in a Puppy Mill, Now She’s Modeling for Zara and Mercedes

Over the years, Iggy Joey has transformed into a fashion icon that's walked runways, appeared on TV shows, and modeled for top brands!

The Adventures of Molly Sausage Roll and her Furry Freewheeling Friends

These are the adventures of Molly and her crew of Dachshunds with IVDD who need wheelchairs to get around (and also a couple of canine roommates rocking out without wheels). This includes Izzy, Waldo, and most recently, Hazelnut! Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is a spinal disorder that can happen to any breed of dog, but is most common in Dachshunds. @mollysausageroll #fyp #dachshundsoftiktok #happy #stride #pinwheel #followme #cute #dogsoftiktok #dachshundsoftiktok ♬ Break My Stride – Chateau Pop Molly first started charming people on Instagram way back in 2015, for her amazing attitude, her incredible speed, and her signature pinwheel spinning as she went.

Amazing Narnia the Double Face Cat Has Matching Color Kittens

Narnia's two kittens are a perfect split of his two colors! (And you also have to see his colorful wife)

The Scent-sational Life of Atari the Skunk Influencer and His Furry Roommates (@zooarcade)

Join the fun with Atari the Skunk, Zorro the Dog, and Nes the cat!

Interview With Sapphie the Pomsky: The Sass-Talking Zoomie Queen (And Children’s Book Author!)

Sapphie and her human Sheena sit down with us to discuss their new children's book on mental health, talking via buttons, and ZOOMIES!

Meet the Winners of the 2023 World Dog Surfing Championship

The annual World Dog Surfing Championship in California just wrapped up!