Only fur, and sometimes scales. It’s no secret that pets are becoming increasingly popular. In recent years, they have gained millions of followers, appeared in movies and fashion events, and even written best-selling books. It’s not hard to see why. They always look their best, they’re never late for appointments, and they always know just what to say to make us feel better.

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Meet Kala the Iggy, Protégé to Canine Fashion Icon Tika the Iggy

With a career dating back to 2016, Tika is easily regarded as the most iconic doggy fashion influencer - And now she's grooming her puppy protégé, Kala!

Wally the Emotional Support Gator Was Kidnapped and Is Now Missing!

Tragic news is unfolding as Wally the Gator was stolen as part of a terrible "prank" on Saturday and is now missing!

A Look at Luxurious Custom Canine Couture by Pawstyle

Pawstyle's custom doggy formalwear and gowns are as luxurious as the human outfits that inspired them!

Lucas the Dog Posts a Perfect Recreation of Taylor Swift and Post Malone’s New Music Video ‘Fortnight’

This tiny dog is one huge Swiftie, with a whole series of Taylor Swift music videos already under his collar!

After Her Arrest Last Month, Molly the Magpie Is Finally Reunited With Her Dog BFF Peggy

After becoming a magpie influencer with millions of fans, Molly was seized by the authorities... But has thankfully been returned!

Boji, a Street Dog Famous for Using Public Transportation, Was Framed Over Politics

Boji, a regular passenger on buses and subways, was so beloved that he was given his own travel pass. But not everyone loved him...

Get Your Daily Horoscope From Horace the Blind Rescue Pup

Being blind has helped Horace master the art of sensing energy, making him a natural at reading horoscopes.

Interview With The Joy Crew: Acclaimed Canine Actors and Stunt Dog Champions

From playing Sydney Sweeney's dog and cracking a beer with Jimmy Fallon to starring in a Superbowl commercial and winning trick and stunt championships - These pups have done it all!

A Cutie Named Stewie: The Punk Tripawd Chihuahua Turned Philanthropist

Losing his leg and home from a dog attack hasn't slowed down Stewie's positively punk attitude!

Gabriel Feitosa Grooming Gives Shelter Dogs Luxury Makeovers To Help Get Them Adopted

Gabriel Feitosa and his team give shelter dogs eye-catching makeovers to help them find furever homes while raising adoption awareness!