Only fur, and sometimes scales. It’s no secret that pets are becoming increasingly popular. In recent years, they have gained millions of followers, appeared in movies and fashion events, and even written best-selling books. It’s not hard to see why. They always look their best, they’re never late for appointments, and they always know just what to say to make us feel better.

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Half Unicorn, Half Poodle? Interview with Zoe from Muse Dog Spa

Remember when Starbucks launched the Unicorn Frap, the magically colorful frappuccino that took over Instagram? Separated at Birth? Well, it looks like it’s been reincarnated as a dog named Zoe.

Liebchen’s Journey: The Adventure Cat Breaking Stereotypes and Exploring the World

Join Liebchen on his wild journey! This tenacious orange tabby, rescued at 10 weeks old, absolutely loves traveling with his humans Dan and Erin all around the US. From biking to camping to road trips and hikes, Liebchen has travelled through Colorado into Utah, Arizona, and other western states.

A “Grumpy” Morning with Lady: The Golden Retriever Giving Serotonin Boosts

Meet Lady, the unapologetically “Grumpy” Golden Retriever with a fanbase of over two million strong across social media. Chances are you’ve already seen a few videos of Lady shared across the Internet. She attended the 2022 WeRateDogs “Paws of Fury” movie event and has been featured on some pretty big accounts across social media like E!

Bobi is the Guinness World Records 2023 Oldest Living Dog AND the Oldest Dog of All Time

At 30 years old, this very good, VERY old boy is not only the world's oldest dog, he's the oldest dog ever recorded.

Gunther’s Millions Recap: Who is Gunther IV,  the world’s richest dog, and owner Maurizio Mian?

Get the answers to the biggest questions about the world's richest dog, covering Gunther III until Gunther VI, and their handler Maurizio Mian.

Meet Mr. Lubitsch, the opera-singing parrot

Mr. Lubitsch is an Australian cockatiel living in Rome, where he’s clearly been soaking up the culture… And has turned into an accomplished opera singer!

Chip Pups: Living luxuriously in their own doggy mansion

Valco and Luigi, known as the "Chip Pups", live a life of luxury in their own mansion, thanks to their influencer mom Burgundy Waller, aka Chip Girl.

Two Wrinkles, Two Homes: Eggnog and Igloo’s Custom Abodes

Eggnog and Igloo are a couple wrinkly bulldogs living their best life! With over 1.8M followers and a loving human, Jen, their social media accounts (@eggnogthebulldog) have become incredibly popular. Scrolling through their posts will give you a glimpse into the adventures they have – from car rides to the beach to baking-related mishaps in the kitchen!

Tango and Cash – Two crazy Abyssinian cat brothers

Tango and Cash have a love-hate relationship like most siblings, but this pair happens to be Abyssinians, a unique breed of cat that has the look of a wildcat, mixed with some dog energy.