Even pets need to work now and then. These dogs and cats get down and dirty to make ends meet.

Mike, a sheep dog-terrier mix, whose bartending skills made him a legend that’s still remembered after 80 years! He worked at the tavern at the Bowser Hotel on Vancouver Island in the late 1930s/early 1940s. (Via Vancouver Archives) And what we want to make clear is Mike was a LEGIT bartender, not just some dog who hung out at the bar getting free treats and pets. On command, Mike would deliver a bottle of beer to a table and place it upright.

Based out of Mays Landing, N.J., Laurie Zaleski is the founder of Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, a nonprofit animal rescue. ” Funny Farm” cares for more than 600 residents from chickens in diapers to three legged donkeys. And even though Zaleski is overseeing one of the largest animal rescues in the Northeast, she still found time to pen her inspirational memoir, Funny Farm, which was published this spring.

A dog ended up on a luxury flight on Air India after her owner booked an entire business class cabin for her dog from Mumbai to Chennai on Sept 15. A woman from Mumbai boarded the flight from Mumbai to Chennai with her pet named “Bela” and her servant. She reportedly spent around ₹2.5 lakh (Approximately $28,000 USD for all 12 seats) on the trip.

All Hilton, Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites, will be pet friend by January 1, 2022 as part of a partnership between Mars Petcare and Hilton Hotels. Thinking about traveling with your pet? Well check out these hotels first.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused people to be stuck at home and it has lead to the great pet adoption of 2020-2021. If you’ve been looking for a new companion, chances are you have been asked to pay high prices or join long wait lists. Unfortunately, this has also lead to many pet friends getting abandoned.

For the past year and more we have been in a combination of mandatory stay-at-home orders, shutdowns, and re-openings. Times have been challenging without the concept of normal and fears of a “new normal” coming. However, some positive news has come out of all this – One Long Island brewery turned to its fuzzy friends to help provide some happy news.

A shelters biggest challenge is getting the news out about their adorable pets. With a little help from the community, shelters manage to connect new parents with new furry friends. It can be a slow process getting the word out.

We’ve all stumbled across dogs on Instagram who are pulling in more cash than we could hope to. So how do you make your own pet insta-famous and cash in on that sweet, sweet pet-celebrity status? 1. Find Your Niche What’s different about your furbaby?

Think about how many times a day you self-groom. Brushing your hair, washing your face and hands, filing down your nails so they don’t catch on everything. You make time to groom yourself, so why not do the same for your four-legged family member?

Two men in San Diego were charged over a million dollars for their black market sea cucumber smuggling ring. David Mayorquin and his father, Ramon Torres Mayorquin, were named in a 26-count federal indictment filed last year. From 2010 to 2012, they smuggled $17 million worth of sea cucumbers from Mexico to Asia.