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In August 2012, Hurricane Isaac reached Louisiana and the tropical cyclone left a wave of destruction. As people and fur friends huddled down to outlast the barrage of weather, one squirrel found herself in a tough situation. Having fallen out of her nest, a family nearby decided to take her in “temporarily”. 10 years later, the squirrel is named Jill and she has an Instagram account with over 700K followers.

Pets really do have the best lives. A couple monkeys out of Miami are showing everyone that they have more fun than just about everyone else by sharing their antics from appearing at fashion events to bath time. Their pair of marmosets named Diddy and Yeti Kong have taken social media by storm amassing over 1M followers across their channels.

Meet Fenix Lumiere! He is a happy, dancing, prancing dog that just can’t get enough of life. His videos share positive vibes to over 2M followers every day.

The story of Luna The Pantera begins in a Siberian zoo. For unknown reasons, the cub’s mom rejected Luna and refused to give her the milk and care that she needed. The future wasn’t looking good for Luna.

Felix the Samoyed is one lucky pooch. With his favorite human, he has been able to visit over 34 countries including Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, German, Belgium, Netherlands, to name a few. Documenting his adventures for his 1M collective followers on Instagram and TikTok, Felix proves that travelling doesn’t mean you have to leave your pooch at home.

Meet Josh the Doodle. He is a rescued Goldendoodle with severe cerebellar hypoplasia and it’s not holding him back from making the world a better place. The Arizona four legged activist has been raising awareness for special needs dogs with his 300,000 followers and the Be Like Josh Foundation.

Hang Hang, a white lion and resident of Guangzhou Zoo in China, recently debuted a new look which has gone viral and divided the internet. The Tiger King-inspired look has people accusing the zoo of cutting the lion’s hair with others just praising his new 80s vibe. Who wore it better?

Toko-san is a human that clearly thinks dogs are the best, which we fully agree with. And since us humans can’t beat them at being the best, Toko-san decided to join them and fulfill a life-long dream. He did this by spending 2 million Yen (about $16,000 USD) and 40 days to have an ultra-realistic collie costume made especially for him.

It has been 10 years of travel for Miami the Travelling Dog and some time since we first discovered her. This little Italian chihuahua has been to Miami (Duh?), Tuscany, New York, Florence, Milan, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, and even more places than we can list here. By the time he was 5, he had visited over 15 states and 6 European countries.

Suki is a Bengal cat and Killua is a rescue from Alberta, Canada.They travels the world with her pet mom, Martina Gutfreund.Martina Gutfreund adopted Suki 2017 and Killua in 2020.Martina trained Suki to walk on a leash so they could explore the world together. In 2020, Suki visited 11 countries in Europe. Suki the Bengal that was adopted by Martina Gutfreund in 2017 and they started travelling the world together on one adventure into the next.