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8 Cheetah Cubs Born to St Louis Zoo in Remarkable Birth

For the first time in zoo history, a record number of 8 cubs were born to a cheetah in Saint Louis!

Bingwa (meaning Champion in Swahili) is a great mother to her large brood. Since the first few months are critical for newborn cheetah’s, the zoo staff have been monitoring the family closely. All 8 of the cubs are currently healthy and happy!

cubs cheetah 8

An average cheetah gives birth to 3-4 cubs, not 8. The birth is a plus for cheetah conservation efforts, the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Center for Conservation of Carnivores in Africa helps protect cheetahs in the wild. The more healthy cheetah’s born, the more varied the gene pool becomes.

cubs cheetah 8

“The main causes of cheetah decline are human-cheetah conflict, interspecific competition and lack of genetic diversity.”

Cheetah conservation efforts concentrate on education for local herders so they can live peacefully with cheetahs and support their protection.

cubs cheetah 8

cheetah cubs

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