The world of Hollywood is filled with glitz, glamour, and oh, let’s not forget about fur babies. Yes, that’s right – celebrity pets are just as famous as their owners. From fancy designer dogs to exotic animals like tigers and monkeys, these pampered pets live a life most of us can only dream about. But just how far will celebrities go for their furry friends?

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Kaley Cuoco Bids to Adopt The Horse Punched at the Olympics

Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory star, has offered to buy the horse at the centre or an Olympics controversy when the trainer punched the horse for missing it’s jump. Olympic and animal lovers across the world were stunned when German coach Kim Raisner was removed from the Games for punching the horse ridden by Annika Schleu. Schleu, who finished fourth in Rio, was in tears as her horse Saint Boy went decided it no longer wanted to follow instructions and make the jump.

Chrissy Teigen’s Beloved Dog Pippa Passes Away

Chrissy Teigen is grieving over the death of her beloved dog Pippa, who she says “died in her arms”. The social media icon and instafamous celebrity entertainer shared an sad update with fans on Thursday afternoon (July 15) and said that her dog had just passed “not long ago.” “our beautiful little pippa just died in my arms, not long ago,” Chrissy wrote on Instagram. “she was 10, I remember picking her up in Gainesville and documenting our trip home. She was a sassy broad – loved her pearl necklace and never took shit from ANY new dog we brought in.

Pete Davidson Gets Tattoo of Ariana Grande’s Piglet, Piggy Smallz

Pete Davidson, SNL cast member and fiancé to Ariana Grande, has gotten a new tattoo in honour of their pet piglet, Piggy Smallz. Davidson got engaged to Grande last June, following a whirlwind romance of about a month. While their dating history is pretty short, Davidson’s got some tattoos that will last forever.

Bradley Cooper Honoured by PETA for Casting His Dog Charlie in A Star is Born

PETA honours dreamboat Bradley Cooper for casting his pooch Charlie in his upcoming film A Star is Born. Cooper, 43, plays Jackson Maine alongside costar Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga who plays Ally in A Star is Born. He cast his own labradoodle for the role of Charlie, the couple’s beloved dog. “There was no nepotism.

Jon Stewart Saves Baby Goats Trapped on New York Subway Line

Who doesn’t love Jon Stewart? Recently, the former host of The Daily Show helped save two baby goats who had wandered on the New York Subway tracks. Willy and Billy were found on the subway tracks in Brooklyn, New York. @NYCTSubway, New York City’s official subway account, tweeted that the goats were found “roaming along the N line tracks”.

Taylor Swift’s Cats Make Appearance in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2

If you’re as obsessed with Taylor Swift’s cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia, as us then you noticed their cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 2. Meredith and Olivia made an appearance on Reynolds’ shirt in the movie. The two kitties are shown together, with the words “Olivia & Meredith Best Friends Purrrr Ever” written across the front of the shirt.

Bertram the Pomeranian Runs New York’s Art Scene

Bertram the Pomeranian is trendy AF, just ask any of his 117k+ followers. The little Pom works at an art gallery in NY called The Hole owned by his mom, Kathy Grayson. Grayson found Bertram aka Bertie Bert on Petfinder.

Best of Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge, Includes Two Dogs and a Cow

Drake’s song In My Feelings has created a dance challenge, inspiring some pretty hilarious – and tragic – viral videos. But, as always, we like the ones with four-legs best. The In My Feelings Challenge is also called the Keke Challenge or The Shiggy Dance Challenge.

Farrah Ambraham’s Loses Dog Right After Being Charged With Assault

Farrah Abraham’s life has been televised since she made her debut on 16 & Pregnant and later Teen Mom. She posted a very public video of her daughter, Sophia and herself mourning the loss of their dog, Blue who passed away suddenly. The video below is shocking – be warned you can see Blue’s body lying on the vet table underneath the pair.

Little People, Big World Stars Zach and Tori Roloff Adopt Adorable Puppy

The Little People, Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff recently adopted a puppy, and the cute-factor is off the charts. Murphy is a Burmese Mountain Dog, he was bought shortly after the Roloff’s beloved family dog, Inspector Sullivan (Sully, for short) passed away. The TLC reality TV show, Little People, Big World showcased the daily lives of the Roloff family. “