In recent years, cats have become household names and internet sensations. From Grumpy Cat to Lil Bub, these famous felines have garnered millions of followers and even starred in their own movies. These cats have truly taken the world by storm with their charming personalities and adorable looks. With their rise in popularity, it’s clear that cats are truly the new “it” pets.


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Disneyland Employs a Rodent-Hunting Army of 200 Feral Cats

While this article title may sound like part of one of Disney's selection of traumatizing 1980s kids movies, Disneyland actually employs a colony of approximately 200 rodent-hunting cats.

Mittens the Cat Is So Popular He Was Awarded the Keys to His City

Mittens' popularity has also resulted in a hit song, a book, and a nomination for "New Zealander of the Year"!

The Furever Tree: A Pet Memorial Christmas Tree Hidden in New York’s Central Park

In a secret tradition dating back to the 1980s, for every Christmas, a tree in Central Park is decorated with memorials to deceased pets.

Cat Ladies Billie Eilish and Kate McKinnon Help Get Kitties Adopted in Saturday Night Live Sketch

Billie Eilish and Kate McKinnon channel their inner cat ladies for a Holiday Cat-tacular!

Top 10 Cat Influencer Christmas Posts on Instagram

We're celebrating a kitty-filled Christmas with our top 10 cat influencer posts of the holiday season!

Taylor Swift’s Elusive Cat, Meredith Grey, Makes Rare Appearance With Ed Sheeran

Of Taylor Swift's three ultra-famous kitties, Meredith Grey is the most private... But she just made a rare appearance snuggling with Ed Sheeran!

Taylor Swift Named Time Magazine’s ‘(Cat) Person of the Year’

This marks the first time a pet has appeared alongside the "Person of the Year" winner.

Actress Mariska Hargitay Names Her Cat After a Taylor Swift Song – And Taylor Responds!

After Taylor Swift named her famous feline after Mariska Hargitay's character "Olivia Benson," Hargitay named her cat "Karma" after Swift's song.

Meet Penny the Ginger Cat – Queen of Sass and Loafs

Get your daily dose of sassin' and loafin' from Penny the Ginger Cat!

Meet Tonic, the Rescue Cat Turned Horror Actor From ‘Pet Sematary’ and ‘Thanksgiving’

Tonic went from a rescue to the feline horror movie star of "Pet Sematary" in 2019 and "Thanksgiving" in 2023!