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Insomniac makes Twitter thread grading foxes, regrets it almost immediately.

When Colin J. Carlson decided to give letter grades to foxes, he had no idea what proverbial can of worms he was opening up.

You can’t introduce something like this to the Twitter world and not expect all of the internet-addicted weirdo’s to start reposting (us included, obviously). Colin’s since sincerely regretted his decision, stating that the new-found fame is too much to handle.

He’s finally put his foot down.

The posts themselves were Twitter gold. Check out his hilarious take on different fox species below.

Colin J. Carlson’s insomnia was a gift to us all.

Colin J. you are one tough judge. We respect that.

Talk about being a blockhead 🙄.

But what if a fox were made of spaghetti?!

This fox will leave you on read, then text you “wyd” at 2am.

Damn, Colin J. Crushing on Blanford’s Fox much?

Tbh this fox would probably kill it on Tinder.

10/10 would agree with amateur fox expert Mr. Carlson.

Seriously though who needs to try when you’re a Fennel Fox?

His ears are perfect! Let him live, Colin J.

Basically, this non-fox needs to work on being a fox.

We want to pet that soft boy. We don’t care that he’s a try-hard.

But don’t worry! He did bonus foxes!

Daaaaamn Boris!! Why are you my spirit animal though?

We would 100% hire this fox to do some burgling.

This one looks as though a fox and a giraffe had a baby.

We, too, often look much too sleepy.

We’re sorry, Colin J. Carlson. We know that by reposting your Tweets we’re doing exactly what you don’t want – it was just WAY TOO GOOD! Foxes forever!