Fanny is a Bernese Mountain Dog that once looked like every other Berny out there. She had the traditional black coat with a fluffy white chest and bright white socks. But to the owners surprise, the coat started changing.

Some things in life don’t need a narrative and we should just enjoy them because they are around. In comes Phil E. Chinchilla, the coolest floof with the tiniest feet.

The largest kitty in the city, Samson The Cat aka Catstradamus, reaches 4ft long and weighs 28lbs. Meet Samson. He’s not fat by any means.

Malamutes. They’re big sled dogs known for their strength, endurance, and fun loving nature. Known to reach an average size of around 90 to 130 lbs, these big furry beasts are no joke.

There’s something tranquil about watching a well dressed tortoise slowly crawl over to some leaves for a snack. Known as Ethel the Glamour Tort(oise), the popular hard shelled hipster has been making a big impression in the fashion community with her matching shirts and slacks. Credit: @etheltheglamourtort IG Kasey Kuchinski and Daniel Rodriguez adopted Ethel in 2016.

Have you seen the fluff balls on “That Little Puff”? These cats can cook. The popular channel features seven Ragdoll cats that got together to share cooking recipes.

The Internet is obsessed with this cat, and she’s not your average cat. You may have already seen the odd video of Chloe Jade pop up on TikTok @ChloetheServal, Instagram, YouTube, or any one of the popular social media networks. That shouldn’t be surprising given that the popular African kitty has over two million collective followers and her parents, Matt Corbeil and Shannon DePender, post new content everyday.

Many will know of the famous Tucker Budzyn. He is a Michigan based Golden Retriever with 20 million collective subscribers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. His hilarious and wholesome antics from taste testing foods to raising a family have left a trail Tucker obsessed fans from around the world.

Dubbed “a good ambassador of the giant lizard world”, MacGyver the Lizard acts like a dog, cuddles up like a dog, asks for pets like a dog, and craves snacks like a dog. The hunky red lizard sits at around 20lbs, and he shares his adventures through his Instagram @macgyverlizard, Facebook and YouTube channels for over 200,000 fans. MacGyver the Lizard was hatched at Ty Park’s lizard farm in Punta Gorda, Florida on July 4, 2012 and he has been an Internet sensation since the age of three.

The average canine is capable of learnings around 165 words, and some breeds like Border Collies, Poodles, and German Shepherds can learn closer to 250 words with special training. We are talking about understanding those words, or commands, then possibly reacting to them. This leads to the next question, how many words can a dog learn to speak? – Or press in Bunny’s case.