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Ex-Jonas Brother Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner adopted a second mini-direwolf into the fam! Waldo Picasso Jonas joined his new brother and fellow Alaskan Klee Kai Porky Basquiat as the newest member of the Jonas clan. Older brother Porky broke the happy news on his personal Instagram account.

Cardi B blew up on the rap scene but apparently, one cheetah doesn’t seem to share our love for Bodak Yellow. The video on YouTube has been viewed almost 500 million times even though they cut the scene where the cheetah extra tries to take a swipe at Cardi B. The cheetah was ‘rented’ from a Sultan in Dubai where the video was shot.

Chris Evans makes no secret about loving his pup, Dodger. The Avengers star posts about his rescue dog every chance he gets and this #InternationalPetDay is no exception. Evans tweeted a video showing the first time he met his good boy.

Zac Efron adopted a pitty pup! The Baywatch babe adopted MACA, a pit bull who was scheduled to be euthanized. Bark n’ Bitches, an LA-based dog adoption boutique stepped in when they heard MACA (who was then named Tilly) was set to be put down.

Today in celebrity news, Hilary Duff and partner musician Matthew Koma have adopted a senior dog. The pooch was named Eloise originally but rumours suspect Duff has changed it to Lucy. Either way, she couldn’t be happier to have found her furever home.

Barbra Streisand cloned her dog Samantha that passed away last year. Not once, not twice, but five times! With the cost estimated at between $50-$100,000 per pooch!

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is a dog of many talents. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, world traveller, hunter, author, model, actor, athlete (he even tried out for the NHL and the Toronto Raptors). On top of this already impressive list, he’s now added NASCAR driver. “Wieners, start your engines..

When a box of abandoned Staffordshire Terriers were found in a London park, Tom Hardy stepped up. Using his massive social media following to the advantage of strays everywhere, he posted an adorable image urging his fans to adopt. New Staffies found and brought to Battersea this am in a box found in park.

When you hear the names “James Franco” or “Katy Perry” you might start thinking about Perry smooching girls and liking it, or Franco’s weirdly sexy role in Spring Breakers (no? just us?) But, more important than their celebrity status and impressive creative resumés, is that they love their pets. Not surprisingly, there’s a ton of household names who are also feline-fanatics.

Gary, Carrie Fisher’s French Bulldog, is currently the cause for some celebrity drama. Gary was entrusted to Fisher’s assistant, Corby McCoin after she tragically passed away in December of 2016. The rumors that Billie Lourd, Carrie’s daughter, has Gary have been proven false by TMZ.