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Tony the baby hippopotamus is all that is pure in America

The San Diego Zoo has a new addition. He’s Tony the baby hippo and we love him.

Tony was born on September the 22nd, a day which we would like to make into a national holiday, called The Day the World Became a Better Place. Or, just Tony Day. Whichever works. The zoo has just announced that he is indeed a male calf. Tony’s parents are named Funani and Otis, and he’s the 12th calf they’ve had.

He’s so perfect, he actually smiles in his sleep! What could he possibly be dreaming about?

He’s only 2 months old but already weighs in at 170lbs. Newborn hippos are typically between 55 and 110lbs of perfection; thanks for the tip SDZ! The San Diego Zoo’s twitter feed is lit with animal pictures and facts, for example, “hippos actually can’t swim. They’re so dense they just push off the ground.”

Hopefully Tony and Fiona, America’s sweetheart, meet up in the future. Can you imagine the cuteness?!

We’re literally dying over our pumpkin spice latte’s here. Do yourself a favor and follow the San Diego Zoo for Tony updates!

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