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Chrissy Teigen Gets New Hamster, Hilarity Ensues

Queen of Twitter Chrissy Teigen got a hamster, named it Peanut Butter, and has promptly lost it twice.

Chrissy Teigen bought Peanut Butter, a brown and white hamster, for her daughter Luna. It does, however, seem like maybe Teigen actually just wanted Peanut Butter for herself. Lately, she’s been blowing up her twitter.

Whether or not Teigen got the hamster for Luna or herself, one thing is certain. John Legend is not a fan.

The little fluff ball escaped from her cage not once but twice, leading to a mad hunt by Chrissy, followed by some teary-eyed thank-God-I-found-her videos.

After the escape Teigen’s followers were getting savage, calling her out for not researching the animal’s care before she got her. Apparently, the original cage she had bought was not nearly good enough for a celebrity pet. She replied in her usual manner:

Now Chrissy has a two-story, all glass condo for Peanut Butter, so her followers can relax.